Our Vision

We have seen the impact we have on neighborhoods by renovating a single home.  What would that look like if we are able to renovate 50 homes each year? 

Part of our 5 year plan is to renovate 50+ homes every year.

Thinking Beyond Home Flipping

We renovate homes to make them feel and look ‘better than new.    

Nothing beats the excitement of moving into a new home.

As Staunton’s leading fix and flipper, we make this transformative real estate journey much more meaningful by making old, tired houses look better than new. After renovating many neglected properties, we have witnessed a significant change and a positive impact on neighborhoods.

Our five-year plan includes the renovation of at least 50 homes per year.  We get excited knowing how these efforts positively impact the neighborhoods we work in.  Our renovated homes become one of the nicest homes in the neighborhood, helping increase property values.  This in turn generates additional revenue for the city allowing for better services for the community as a whole.  It is a win win!

Team Spirit Homes reimagines a future where Staunton and nearby neighborhoods are safe, secure, and scenic.  Every home improvement project captures the essence of our city’s historic heritage and architecture while blending trendy design details to attract modern families.

Make Way for Safer & Stronger Neighborhoods

Unattended residential spaces and abandoned houses are not only an eyesore for the community, they offer refuge to criminal and other illegal activity and very visibly symbolize that a neighborhood has deteriorated, that no one is in control, and that violent or criminal behavior is welcome to proceed with little if any supervision.  We are dedicated to renovating as many vacant and neglected homes as possible helping to keep our neighborhoods safe and beautiful. 

Spirit Homes collaborates with an incredible and dedicated team of contractors, realtors, title companies, independent suppliers, and real estate attorneys to ensure everything goes smoothly. In turn, our projects pave the way for more local job employment opportunities for city-based experts. The thriving work community and increased property value lead to an increase in income taxes for city maintenance and security.

In this way, we hope to start a cycle of change that can make Staunton a better, livelier, and much more beautiful place for its residents.