About Spirit Homes

We are committed to improving our neighborhoods by renovating homes with

high quality modern designs.

What We Do:

We don’t just fix and flip homes. We make communities better. On the surface, it may look like we simply buy, renovate and sell distressed properties in Staunton, Virginia. Yet, how and why we do it is what makes all the difference. We think beyond home renovation and focus on building better neighborhoods. Our talented and thoughtful team aims to bring distressed, weather-beaten properties back to life so that you have a safer and more scenic community.

Our Experience:

With over 50 years of collective construction experience, over 50 homes purchased, renovated and sold, our approach is simple: Renovate our homes as if our own family was moving into the home. This is our number one rule ensuring we never sacrifice quality. Our heart and dedication go into every renovation so we deliver a HGTV worthy, move in ready home that is setup for success for many years to come.

Better Than New:

We celebrate architectural heritage and community life in an eco-conscious way. The secret to our success lies in respecting and valuing the rich architectural heritage that sets the City of Staunton apart from others in America. We embrace its uniqueness and preserve existing design elements while incorporating new ones. Combining traditional and modern architectural styles breathes new life into these living spaces. It also gives these renovated homes a rich character and tons of personality. When we improve homes, we do so with lesser materials, more care, and minimal environmental impact. It’s a sustainable solution for everyone involved.

Striving for Excellence:

“After 20 years in information technology (IT), I was ready for a new challenge. My renovation career began with a vacant, run-down cottage on the street where my wife and three kids live. It was an eyesore for our neighborhood. The yard was severely overgrown with weeds and trees, with vines virtually swallowing the home. I spent nine months renovating the cottage with the help of several skilled contractors. The result was a beautiful home for a new family. Spirit Homes was founded to support families that would benefit from this experience. We continue to improve our neighborhoods one house at a time.” -David D’Arcy, Founder of Spirit Homes.